Homeschooling Online? Study Tips for Your Teen

Thinking about homeschooling online for your teen? Wondering how your child can get the most out of virtual high school? Here are some things to consider when homeschooling for high school.

Find a Program that Fits Your Child

Select a program that has a proven track record of success. A well-thought-out curriculum includes frequent assessments to check your child’s understanding of the material. Lesson formats should match your teen’s learning style.

Make the Learning Meaningful

Although your teen may enjoy screen time, spending all day in front of a computer is usually not the best way to learn. A quality program for homeschooling online should include multimedia presentations as well as projects that are not computer-based. Provide opportunities for hands-on learning and encourage your child to take breaks and engage in outside activities to prevent boredom. 

Allow for Scheduling Flexibility

Homeschooling for high school is an optimal choice for teens who have outside interests that don’t fit well with the typical high school schedule. If, for instance, you have an aspiring comedian on your hands who takes improv classes all day, you will need a program that allows for flexible, self-paced learning.

Track Progress

A quality online homeschooling program should provide a portal where you can log in and view your child’s grades in real-time. You should also be able to get in touch with teachers if you have any concerns. Keeping tabs on assignments and test scores allows you to make sure your teen is grasping concepts and making satisfactory progress.

Remember, It’s Not a Solo Effort

Just because your child is homeschooling online doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. While some programs offer little in the way of accountability and support, others provide the resources your family needs to make homeschooling for high school a success. Well-designed virtual programs provide academic support and career guidance. Parents and students have multiple opportunities to connect with the school community via social media, live chat, newsletters, and other channels.

A Note About Accreditation

Do your research to make sure the program you select is accredited, which means it’s been reviewed by a third-party and has met certain standards in every area of operations. A program that isn’t credentialed can’t substantiate what it claims to offer.

Homeschooling online with the right strategies can help your teen go right to the head of the class.